Day fourteen brings another choice. Pick where you’re placed and proceed accordingly.


I need to catch up.

It’s really important that you’ve been completing every task each day, as next week we’ll be building upon the knowledge. In the (unlikely) event that you’ve missed any activities thus far, this is your golden opportunity to go back and catch up.

Do that now.

I’m up to date but need a rest.

If however, you’ve been the superstar we know you are and you’re all up to date with your tasks, we think you may have earned a day off. Check back in tomorrow and let’s kick off week three of your 30 days of slow.

I’m down for anything, keep it coming.

Or perhaps you’re ready to keep the momentum going. If that’s you, we’ve lined up a pilates class to get you moving mindfully and another pause to wind back down afterwards. Scroll down to get started.


If you’re feeling like you need to move your body today then hit the mats with Mel for 40 minutes of go.yo – our faster flow yoga class.

go.yo with mel.

  • Length: 40 minutes
  • Pace: Go
  • Focus: Lengthen and strengthen inner hips and glutes


If you don’t have time for the yoga class or you’d simply prefer to spend some time breathing rather than moving, today’s pause will be perfect for you. Create some space in your day as you join Julieanne for this short 12 minute practice that will leave you feeling beautifully calm and connected to your body.

pause with julieanne.

  • Length: 12 minutes
  • Pace: Slow
  • Focus: Creating space


Day two.

Tomorrow we’ll be learning how to XYZ lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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