A plane, a plane, another plane, a bus, a car, and you’re there. Far away. In the middle of nowhere. Nowhere being everywhere to you, exactly where you want to be.

Arriving at midnight to a full moon and distant silhouetted mountain range, glowing peeks, blueish white. It’s mid-autumn. They must be glaciers. You can’t wait to look up and out as soon as you wake in the morning.

You wake to space, upon space, upon space at the tippy bottom of the earth. Wild, remote, hyper seasonal. You’re here. Hola. Hola, paradise.

You pause and acknowledge the scene across the pampa and Sarmiento Lake, to the majesty of Paine Massif, Torres Del Paine National Park.

Long lashed cinnamon coated Guanacos graze on the pampas. Not an emu, but a Darwin’s Rea darts by.

A hike in the park. Right there, look up! Los Cuernos: The Horns. A textured palate of pinks and purples and greys. Nature is so clever. A condor flies by, way up, way, way up. It’s 2 metre wingspan takes you with it, with the wind, over the horns peaks. You imagine the view up there. To be even further away from far away.

Standing alongside silky blue lakes fed by ancient glaciers (they were glaciers!), atop rough granite stones that rim the icy waters edge.

Cold hands, hot tea. Delicious tea, warm hands, warm soul.

Horseback riding with Patagonian Guachos, through foggy forests of lenga trees and their deciduous autumnal leaves. Your eyes close in the saddle, the horse’s rhythm becomes your lullaby. Smells of wet wood and moss pass your nose.

Meadowlarks in the open grassland chirp to the drama of the suns morning burst. Beams hit the eastern face of the mountains and for a moment, everything turns pink. Fluro pink. One last moment, a full breath of pure Patagonian air, before the car, bus, plane, plane and another plane home.

We hope you enjoyed taking this journey on slowly. For us this is a way of telling stories to captivate your brain’s attention and luxuriously place your mind into an environment to recreate its sensory experiences.

If, like us, you’re completely enamoured with the imagery above, please know that all the photographs are available for purchase directly from Lean’s digital store. They’re printed on 300gsm matte archival cotton rag, arrive unframed and signed by Lean Timms.

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