here. yoga

8:30am mornings
6:00pm evenings
all skill levels

Begin and end your day, every day, with yoga.

If you’ve been to our studio in Canberra you’ll already know what a treat you’re in for.

here. yoga is based on a vinyasa flow framework, offering a moving meditation that is as active for your body as it is restful for your brain. Our classes incorporate functional movement and mindful cues to move you seamlessly through sequences that challenge your strength and flexibility. There is a focus on postural alignment and connection to breath, keeping you present throughout.

hr. yoga is for everyone, from complete beginners to yogi pro’s. Throughout classes our instructors will provide a range of progressions for each movement so that no matter your level of experience, you can let go and move your body in this energising practice.

Morning classes will take place in the Ritz Carlton’s serene lobby lounge whilst evening classes will be held amongst nature – on the pristine sand of the private beach.