change your pace.

Find your slow today.

We help you press pause on your day, everyday. Our slowly membership gives you access to weekly resources that will help you change the way you live, taking control of stress and finding more fulfilment in your life.

learn to slow down.

learn to slow down.

We started slowly. to help you live in a more mindful way.

When we slow down we are engaged and present in every moment of our lives and when we experience life through all of our senses it becomes more rich and meaningful. Discover a slower way of living with consciously curated content each week.

beautiful classes on-demand.

beautiful classes on-demand.

Join us for weekly mindful yoga classes, pilates classes and meditation sessions.

Our friendly instructors have designed flowing classes aimed at the full range of bodies and capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying yoga for the first time or if you’re a seasoned meditator, discover a world of classes you’ll love, run by highly qualified and passionate humans.


Weekly flows for beginners to pro's.

We believe yoga should be friendly and fun. It’s also going to look a little different for every person and that’s just fine by us. Based on a vinyasa framework, we’ll focus on postural alignment and breathing to give you a moving meditation at a range of different paces. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or have been hitting the mats for years, our team of highly qualified instructors are here to help.


Use your breath to press pause on your day.

Each week we release new meditation videos that you can access anytime you need. Whether it’s just when you’re feeling stressed or perhaps you’re wanting to form new daily rituals, meditation is an amazing tool to modulate your sympathetic nervous system. Learn to control your breath and find your presence as our skilled instructors guide you through approachable and calming meditations.


Build strength and learn to move mindfully.

Work on your strength, flexibility and learn to be mindful of your body in the process with access to weekly video pilates classes on-demand. We design our classes around a series of standing and floor-based exercises that will leave you feeling active, worked and the good kind of sore.


Mindful articles to learn from.

Wander through the pages of our journal – an online resource that teaches you to slow down. Read insightful articles from a multidisciplinary team of health professionals that educate around stress reduction, mindfulness and equip you with a toolkit of strategies and knowledge to bring about positive change in your life.


Curated playlists for moments of slow.

Music is a hugely powerful tool that can help facilitate mindfulness. At slowly we recommend you use it to scaffold moments of slow in your everyday life. That’s why we’ve collaborated with a range of Japanese and Australian sound producers and DJ’s to bring you beautifully curated spotify playlists.

find your slow.

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Fees on the Monthly membership are $43.25/month. Fees on the Annual membership are $390/year (saving $130 or 25%). Fees begin after the initial free two week trial period if you keep you membership active. At the end of each membership term, the membership will automatically rollover into another term unless you cancel beforehand.

Sounds great. We work with lots of teams on their wellbeing programs and would love to chat with you about a custom enterprise solution for your people. We’ve built slowly from the ground up to be a highly customisable platform that lets us keep things simple no matter the size of your organisation.

We hope you won’t want to, but on the Monthly membership if you cancel part way through a month of active subscription then the membership will simply cease all your future scheduled billings starting from the next upcoming billing date in your cycle.

Cancelling part way through a year term of the Annual membership will again cease all future billings for future years, however because you have already paid for the current year you will still have access for the remainder of the term.

All pricing is listed in AUD – slowly is proud to be born in Canberra, Australia.

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